Aikengall II Community Wind Farm is located in East Lothian, Scotland.

Aikengall II Wind Farm comprises of 19 Siemens Direct Drive wind turbines . Each of these wind turbines has a generating capacity of 3.2MW.

Aikengall II Community Wind Farm will generate enough electricity to power approximately 40,000 homes and will displace around 68,700 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per annum. 

Bröcklingberget Wind Farm is a 45.1MW onshore wind power project, located in Jamtland, Sweden.

The project generates 161GWh of electricity, meaning a carbon dioxide emission offset of 33,800t a year.
Siemens 3mw DD Turbines (19.2mw site)

  • Installation and support with commissioning and troubleshooting for Siemens
Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is located approximately 13km from the Caithness coast in Scotland.

With 84 Siemens Gamesa turbines and a 588MW capacity, Beatrice offshore wind farm can power 450,000 homes.

DHR provided high voltage and installation assistance to the pre assembly of the wind farm carried out at Nigg Bay.
The Cleanrath and Derragh Wind Farms are located in Cork, Ireland.

With a combined 11 Nordex delta turbines & 6 Nordex gamma turbines, these two onshore wind farms have a capacity of 38MW.

DHR provided full installation assistance and crane supervision.
Enviksberget wind farm in Dalarna, Sweden consists of 9 Siemens 3.2DD MK2 turbines.

DHR was
commissioned to see out final stages of project.
The Formosa Wind Farm in Taiwan will generate up to 2.5 GW of renewable energy.

The Formosa offshore wind farms have placed Taiwan at the centre of Asia’s growing offshore wind market and are playing a key role in the delivery of Taiwan’s green energy ambitions.
Located in Connemara’s Cloosh Valley, Galway Wind Park is Ireland’s largest and best performing onshore wind farm, generating more green energy than any other wind generation site on the island. 

Consisting of 58 Siemens 3.2mw DD Turbines and producing 174MW, this makes it Ireland's largest onshore wind farm.

DHR acted as Siemens commissioners and trouble-shooters.
Located in the Scottish Highlands, Glen Kylachy wind farm is a 50MW onshore wind power project.

Comprising of 20 Nordex turbines, each producing 2.5MW, means the site as a whole can produce 50MW.
Hornsea Wind Farm is the largest offshore farm in world, capable of powering over 1 million homes.

Spanning over 407 square kilometres and comprising of 174 turbines, each capable of generating 7MW, the site as a whole is able to produce a staggering 1.2GW of power.

DHR was heavily involved in the completion of Hornsea Wind Farm, providing:
  • Pre-assembly assistance
  • Tower testing assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • High voltage cable pull works
  • TMD installation within top tower section alongside Siemens electrically trained techs
165 Siemens Gamesa 8MW turbines

Powering 1.3 million homes

Site management, full installation assistance and nacelle preparation assisatance along with site team to assist with loading and unloading of vessel.
Siemens 3.2mw DD turbines providing 35,000kw

  • Installation and support.
Siemens 3.2DD turbines (93mw site)

  • Full installation assistance
Taiwan (Offshore)
Dalquhandy– Coalburn - Scotland - Vestas

DHR provided a full installation team along with a Crane Supervisor.
•10 Vestas V113 turbines
•Height 149.9m
•Powering up to 30,000 homes

Longhill – West Lothian - Scotland

DHR provided installation support to Mechanical and Electrical teams.
•8 Siemens Gamesa 5.X turbines
•Height 180m

Greengairs– North Lanarkshire - Scotland

DHR provided a full installation team along with a Crane Supervisor.
•8 Vestas V113 turbines
•Height 149.9m
•Powering up to 32,835 homes

Nuolivaara Wind  Farm –Lapland -  Finland

DHR provided a 5 Installation Technicians and 5 Mechanical technicians to support the main installation.
•17 Nordex Delta 4K turbines
•Height of up to 159m
•The "Nuolivaara" wind farm will be built in the north of Finland. Due to the harsh, cold climate to the north of the Polar Circle, the turbines will be supplied with advanced anti-icing system. This means that the turbines can be operated at temperatures down to -30 C

Cloghan Wind Farm - Republic of Ireland

DHR provided a full installation team and a Crane Supervisor.
•9 Vestas V113 turbines
•Overall tip height of up to 169m
•The capacity to provide clean energy to C.27,000 homes

Yunlin Offshore– Taiwan

DHR provided a HV Technician, 2 nacelle teams for full install of the HSBM kit.

•80 Siemens 6DD turbines
•Providing clean energy for up to 450,000 Taiwanese homes

West Benhar – North Lanarkshire - Scotland - Vestas

DHR provided a full installation team along with a Crane Supervisor.
•8 Vestas V113 turbines
•Powering up to 18,000 homes
Owenniny Wind Farm – County Mayo  - Republic of Ireland – SIEMENS

DHR provided full installation assistance.
•61 Siemens turbines
•20 Nordex turbines
•Overall tip height of up to 176m
•Phase 1 has the capacity to power over 100,000 homes every year & phase 2 140,000 homes annually.
•The wind farm has been live since mid-2019 and is currently the largest operational wind farm across both the Bord na Móna and ESB generation portfolios.