Rich Boulderstone
Wind Turbine Technician

My name is Rich and for the last 20 odd years I've had a career in construction/civils and gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge along the way but not too long ago I decided I needed to get out of the noise and the dust!

I looked into careers in the wind power industry and decided what route I would take and funded and completed any training and courses that would be required at entry level.

I job hunted for 6 weeks or so and very luckily got a rosponce to my application/CV from a company called DH Renewables.
I swiftly signed the contract and haven't looked back. 

This involves assisting with loading and back loads of the insulation vessels, in charge of the CDM areas, transport and movement of lifting components and materials and  segregation of back load materials ready for the correct departments. 

It's not been the easiest but its been the best move I ever made and what I will say to anybody else is you need to work hard, invest in your self, and don't give up.